Burnham Hydronics offers an expansive product line, with a perfect boiler for every setting, including dozens that meet the government’s ENERGY STAR® guidelines. The Pennsylvania-based manufacturer designs and builds the highest-efficiency heating products for residential and commercial applications. Choose from Burnham MPO-IA Series or Burnham Megasteam™.




ThermoPride has been making top-quality home comfort systems in Indiana for more than 50 years. The company is proud of its small-town values and deeply committed to customer satisfaction. Designers continuously improve product efficiency while maintaining the Thermo Pride commitment to reliability. The latest models incorporate innovations like energy-saving blowers and two-stage burners that curb fuel usage in moderately cold weather.


Water Heaters


Bradford-White is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hot water heating appliances. Based in Pennsylvania, the company produces the Aero Series of water heaters, which combine exceptional performance and energy savings with reliable operation.


Oil Burners


Carlin EZ oil burners are reliable and highly efficient. Built in the U.S. and backed by a five-year warranty, they combine Carlin’s proven range and reliability with an advanced line of electronic controls and high-efficiency components. Carlin is a longtime leader in the Oilheat industry that continuously pioneers important technological advancements.


Beckett is a family-owned and operated manufacturer based in Elyria, Ohio. Trusted all over the world, Beckett burners can be found in the Statue of Liberty and the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Base in Antarctica. When you buy a Beckett product, you benefit from more than 60 years of experience in the heating oil industry.