At Peterson we believe the only option for our customers is to use only the best fuel to heat your home or business, whether your tank is inside or outside.  That’s why we use high quality heating oil that we treat with a premium conditioner that not only improves the efficiency of your boiler or furnace, it is also better for the environment by helping us all reduce our carbon footprints.

It’s called Bioheat® heating oil, a blend of conventional heating oil and renewable fuel made from organic and recycled materials, such as cooking oil or soybean oil. Bioheat heating oil is one of the cleanest burning energy sources available, which means your heating equipment runs much more efficiently, which ultimately is saving you money.

Conventional heating oil can break down over time, form sludge, and clog your system. Our conditioner prevents that and lets the oil flow freely, protecting your tank from harmful rust and corrosion.

And, we have multiple bulk storage facilities so you never have to worry about not having a supply.

Experience the Peterson Oil difference today.

Do you have an outside tank? Are you worried about the possibility of your fuel gelling, thus causing a service issue? With Peterson’s Winterized Heating Oil blend you can rest assured that will not happen. What’s more is that it is more energy efficient and less expensive than kerosene.

Call us today and schedule your delivery with Peterson’s Winterized Heating Oil blend.