Your comfort and safety are our #1 priority, and you can count on Peterson’s Oil Service for the unique quality and reliability that only we can deliver. Again for the 2021-2022 heating season, we’re pleased to offer a variety of fuel types and service and payment plan options, designed to maximize your home comfort and reach a net zero emission goal. In addition, as a local, family-owned company, the health of our customers, team members and community are taken seriously at Peterson. Our technicians continue to practice protocols to ensure that every service call is safe and responsible.

A Choice in Home Heating Fuel, Available from Peterson’s Oil Service

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Clean Heat

Innovative, renewable fuel available only from Peterson’s Oil Service.

Clean Heat is an innovative fuel that we offer to combat climate change and lay the pathway to net-zero emissions. Peterson’s Oil Service now delivers Clean Heat at $.10 less per gallon than Bio Heating Oil. This fuel choice contains over 50% biodiesel and is, the most advanced fuel we offer.

Bio Heating Oil

Traditional fuel, years ahead of industry requirements.

Containing a lower percentage of biodiesel than Clean Heat, our Bio Heating Oil is still ahead of industry requirements and what we consider to be our “traditional” home heating fuel.

Starting in October 2021, we will be posting third-party tests that compare our Clean Heat to Bio Heating Oil.


Winter Blend

An affordable, non-“gelling” solution for outdoor tanks.

Ideal for homes with exterior storage tanks or tanks prone to freezing due to exposure to low temperatures, our Winter Blend fuel is a smart alternate to Kerosene.

May contain low levels of biodiesel to meet minimum blending mandates.

Today’s home heating fuel, coupled with current technologies, makes this heating source one of the most environmentally conscious choices in heating your home. Did you know that standard home heating fuel burns 90% cleaner than it did 40 years ago1? And, at Peterson’s Oil Service, we still don’t think that is good enough. That is why we strive to find a pathway for net zero emissions using your existing heating equipment and, at the same time, maintaining clean, efficient operation in your home. So, whether you choose our custom Clean Heat that best supports our move to net zero emissions or traditional Bio Heating Oil, you’re receiving fuel that is clean burning and environmentally-friendly.

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