Payment and Pricing Plans

13 Sep Payment and Pricing Plans

2016-2017 Heating Season Payment and Pricing Plans


For the 18th consecutive season we are proud to offer you, our loyal customers, a variety of different payment and price protections plans for the upcoming heating season so you can make the best decision for you and your family.  

For your convenience you are also able to sign up for your plan through your online Peterson Oil account portal.  Just visit

As a reminder, the plans available are:

Prepayment Plan

This plan requires 80% of your anticipated fuel consumption to be purchased in advance, at the start of the heating season. This is a fixed price program that allows customers to take care of their heating costs in just one payment. Your price would never increase nor decrease on this plan. Any excess fuel consumption above the purchased amount will be billed at Peterson’s market price on the day of the delivery.

This plan is also eligible for Downside Price Protection for an additional price. With Downside Protection, your price will not rise, but should the Peterson market price drop lower than your contracted fixed price on the day of your delivery you will get the lower price.

Installment Plan

The payments are spread over 10 months rather than billed upon each delivery. We calculate your anticipated annual usage based on previous usage and set your bill based on anticipated average price for the upcoming season. Upon enrollment, you decide whether to pay a fixed price or pay an upfront fee for Downside Price Protection that allows you to take advantage of any price decreases that may occur.

Market Price Budget Plan

The payments are spread over 10 monthly payments, and your price is the market price at the time of each delivery. Your basic monthly bill is based on anticipated usage and the anticipated average price. We adjust it up or down over the course of the season based on your actual usage and the actual price at delivery time.

Market Price

This is our default payment pricing plan. You pay the posted market price for the day of your delivery. Enrollment is not necessary. The delivery ticket left at your door is your invoice and is due within 30 days.
And, what’s even better is you are able to include your service plan coverage into your monthly payment.  Sign up for your plan today at  Not a current customer?  It’s simple.  Click here to sign up online or give us a call at 508.368.1000

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